Bill Rancic’s keynote address to MTA

Martin Willoughby and Patrick McCraney with Bill Rancic

I had the pleasure of listening to Bill Rancic address the 11th annual MTA conference on High Technology as the keynote speaker.  Mr. Rancic shared various insights from his entrepreneurial and business endeavors.   Most remember Rancic as the winner of inaugural season of Donald Trump’s reality show,
“The Apprentice.”  He currently starts in the A & E show, “We Mean Business.”  Mr. Rancic’s address focused on the power of execution, creativity and innovation.  He also discussed the power of being a forward-thinker and not surrounding yourself with negative people.   His remarks were both entertaining and inspiring.


About Patrick McCraney

Seasoned Business Attorney representing business owners, entrepreneurs, real estate investors and health care practitioners. Our firm handles every facet of the business life cycle from start up, to emerging growth, private equity, mergers and acquisitions, with an increased emphasis on distressed investing/transactions, work-outs, insolvency and bankruptcy.
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